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Does BMG offer dvd clubs online? The answer is no. However, BGM offers great music service online. You can get 12 CDs for the price of 1.

BMG Music Club has been bringing people and music together for over 50 years. Launched in the mid-1950s, the Club was part of the RCA family of music until it was acquired by Bertelsmann in 1987. The company is the largest direct-to-customer distributor of music in the world and has millions of members across its various genre-based music clubs.

BMG Music Service has delivered music directly to the homes of customers for over half a century. From the early days of vinyl to today's CD format, BMG Music Service has helped members find music they want and discover new music -- all at great prices and with great convenience.

Today, the Club offers a wide variety of listening choices including pop, rock, R&B, adult alternative, easy listening, jazz, blues, classical, Latin, hip-hop, country, Christian and many more. Members can choose from thousands of titles -- produced by major music companies as well as hundreds of independent labels -- through BMG Music Service's member magazines or by visiting our website.

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